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adidas Predator Pro FS Goalkeeper Gloves-7
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11:28 30.06.2018
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adidas Predator Pro FS Goalkeeper Gloves. adidas Predator Pro FS Goalkeeper Gloves deliver a reliable defense for your line. PALM: Latex with EVO Zone Tech with is two latex foams engineered together providing seamless transition and one homogenous palmFINGER PROTECTION: Non-exchangeable/r emovable FingerSave finger spines offer superb support catching; holding and throwing the ball.CUT: Positive cut: The cut prov ides a comfortable fit at the fingers. BACKHAND: Specifically engineered on the glove to bring perfection to your game.CL OSURE: Stretch-strap: individual fit adjustments with best stabilization characteristics are assured by this new strap.SIZ E: To determine your goalkeeper glove size; measure the circumference of your palm just below your knuckles; without your thumb. R ound up to the next whole inch; and then add 1 to determine your size. Measure both hands; and if the measurements are different; order the larger size for the most consistent fit. Example: if your hands measure 6.5\'\' to 7.0\'\'; then you add 1\'\' = size 8 goalkeepe r glove.

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